Favourite Photos of 2011

I never claim myself to be a good photographer. In fact I am a dummie when it comes to DSLR, photo editting or anything related to high tech gadgets. Here are some of the pictures which are meaningful and inspiring for me, myself though the quality of the photos are... poor.

Generally I prefer photos with lots of people in it because it triggers all the old memories.

And sometimes favourite photos also represent favourite occasion and events.


Family portrait at Ling's wedding.
My dad was busy dying his hair (BTW he seldom smile in photos) and my niece playing around. 
Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan with John the monkey.


CNY with 八婆帮 at Baba's house.


After watching Jay Chou's concert.
Meaning: Lost in the tides of competition and social pressure. 


Things keep happening, people come and go and time flies!

When I was filtering the photos I kept thinking, "When was this? When did I take this?" Then I decided to just choose the ones from the blog which I remember when they were taken.

My close friends would know that this has been the most challenging year for me. August and September were so difficult and mentally tormenting. I couldn't imagine how me and my family lived then. 

Our lives are changed completely. My parents must have a heart of gold or diamond as they are always so incredibly strong and their willpower shine brightly into the heart of everyone else.

Despite all the hardships, uncertainties, fear and helplessness, I pulled myself through with the help and support from my family and friends. Without them where would I be? 

2011, thank you for all the beautiful memories. 
2012, I wish you will be just as beautiful.

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