Happy Birthday Utopia!

December 30, 2011

Utopia was born on 31st December 2010 and it's turning ONE year old. Happy Birthday!

The first ever post was  蓦然回首 My 2010 . Gosh I was so young. This is the 80th post on Utopia.  Averagely I only write 6.6666667 posts per month. That's ... little. By the way I am a very hardworking blog follower. I read at least 20-30 blogs everyday lol.

Statistics show there are 8000 pageviews on Utopia. I appreciate everyone who incidentally, accidentally or purposely came to this blog! Thank you for 'listening' to my story.

I don't know who these people are, where they come from and how do they feel because the readers don't to leave comments. However, some lovely readers from abroad sent me positive comments and feedback to me via facebook and e-mails. There was once I posted about my grandma and a reader from the US sent me an e-mail to greet and send regards to my grandma. That's so sweet and touching. Thank you so so much for your encouragement!

Why did I name this place Utopia?

The word eutopia/utopia originates from Greek. Utopia actually means 'having no known location' but in 1516 an author, Sir Thomas More used the word Utopia as the title of his book describing an imaginary, fictional and ideal island in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Okay this part I copied from Google of course I didn't know this when I chose the name. 

Utopia means an ideal place or state. I imagine it as a place with peace, happiness, beautiful scenery, kind and healthy people. My Utopia somehow resembles the Pureland in Buddhism. I wish I live in such place so I thought of the name immediately after I decided to set up a blog. 

I wish to have a little happy space for my own. And I will continue to build my Utopia in the year ahead, with hope and love.

How does your Utopia look like?

Happy New Year!   =)

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