I met her today

I wrote about Yvonne yesterday  (Please help her) and I went to meet her face to face today.

It took me only fifteen minutes to reach her house from UM.

We were welcomed by a few doggies and waited a while before she came out and greeted us. Oh ya she mentioned in her email that she is now deaf so I should sms her instead of calling her. I guess that's why she didn't realize we were there though her dogs barked restlessly.

She brought us into the house and we started communicating. She could speak clearly but she couldn't hear us. So I was busy writing my sentences on a little white board, rubbing it off after she read and answered it, then immediately writing my dialogue to show her. I tried my best to write as legible as I could because she could see only with one eye. This was how we chatted for nearly an hour.

She talked a little about her health conditions and her surgeries. She is unsure when she is heading to the US for surgery, most probably end of January next year. We shared how we spent our Christmas. She mentioned how much she loved reading but she is unable to do it as fast now compared to before. She is staying with her mum, her dad passed away last year. She is studying Psychology. She prefers spending time with her good friends instead of shopping. She told me she was a little tired today because she had a few visitors in the morning. She was all smile when she chatted with us at her dining table.

She looks happy and radiant. We could see confidence and hope in her eyes.

Thanks En Kiat for going with me, and Chei Tgeng and Baba for their donation.

Next week I am going to her house again to bring her some marker pens, which are essential for her to 'listen' to her visitors. Contact me if you want to contribute.

Dear Eve,  
      I have learned that life is not meant to be easy. It is meant to be full of trails. I want to overcome my trials and see the wisdom behind them. That's why I never complained about Neurofibromatosis.
     I hope you will emerge stronger by going through all that lies ahead of you.


  1. Thanks for sharing this information! Although I might not be able to give any financially help, I can help to publicize this story to induce the donation. Can I share your blog post in my blog too if you don't mind?


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