I wanna learn photography

January 17, 2012
Who is the photographer here? Me? Or the one taking this photo?

My phone was my best friend for capturing photos until Michael comes into my life. Michael is also known as 机机 ( pronounced as Gay-gay) because my dad thinks the name Michael (named by the talented Yong sisters) is an ugly name and he prefers calling it Gay-gay. Bahahahaha. He is a Nikon D3100, a DSLR for beginner like me.

I should call myself a dummie. I can't deal with gadgets and I can never understand them like they will not understand what I want from them.

Never mind, there are lots of tutorials on the net. I will learn and understand aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, zoom lenses and everything.  Give me 10 years!

Here are some of my favourite blogs. They are more like fashion blogs but they took the pictures which are very 'ngam feel' to me. Hopefully 10 years later I can be just like them. I wish I am not hangat-hangat tahi ayam lar.


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