January 06, 2012
Got these for her.

Writing about Yvonne Foong for the third time and met her for the second time just now.

The doctors just found a new tumour in her right brain  a few days ago that causes pain and discomfort in her head. I read it from her blog, http://www.yvonnefoong.com/. This makes me more determined to meet her this week.

I went with Yong Hao, Fred and Kok Wei. We chatted casually and asked her many questions.  I saw a layer of grey in her eyes, not as bright as the ones I saw during our last encounter. Was I too sensitive? She was still all smile during the conversation. 

We sat opposite at the table. I thought I saw Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and courage, spreading her wings majestically like an angel. Determined and fearless.

    Surgery fundraising
    Funds raised: RM42,996.21       Target: RM 100,000

Cards made by En Kiat   =)))

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