Broga Hill

February 20, 2012
Credits to Scout King Boon Leong for making us these adorable, beautiful hearts!

I must thank all those long shopping days I had, because of all those hectic training, I realized I could climb up the hill with more stamina I thought I had and thanks to my heels I could walk better on uneven path.

So finally I went to Broga Hill after hearing a zillion stories of people 'conquering' it. By the way conquering sounds way too serious. Basically just like the name suggest, Broga Hill is a hill. It took us only about one hour to reach the second peak.

There are altogether 4 peaks but we decided to stop at the second because when we reached the second peak at 6am, we heard that the 3rd peak was already fully occupied by early birds. Gosh I though we were super early already. In fact we left our house at 3am and be there at 4am but still, we were considered the latecomers lol.

Oh yeah we didn't get to see sunrise because it was cloudy. So we ended up eating and talking and taking lots of photos like nobody's business.

The scenery was so beautiful!! So nice to have a break from polluted air and hectic traffic in the city. However apart from the scenery, something else amazed me even more, it's the crowd! Believe it or not, there was a traffic jam up and down the hill. So many people like to hike one meh?!!

Luckily we had this huge rock which is strategically located at a higher place and we could view the whole city and mountains from it.

Just knew it's only 1.7km to the peak? Why did I feel like it was 10km?!! Why did we spend an hour?!!

Hopefully one day I will go on a perfect day to see the sunrise.

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  1. i enjoyed this broga hill hiking too.. it stirs up some memories and is a refreshing experience once the 'love grass' :P and i just know u have a blog :)


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