It takes only about 45 minutes from Arau, Perlis to reach Bukit Kayu Hitam where is very near to Sadao Immigration Checkpoint of Thailand. Hence before coming back to KL, as we rarely got the chance to travel this far to the north, we decided to go abroad--- to Hatyai, Thailand. Can you imagine going abroad and coming back to our homeland within 24 hours? We took the city by storm and tried our best to eat and shop to the fullest.

I had been there for a few times already so we just hanged out in the wet market and places near Lee Garden Hotel. Food, food and food were everything we needed in that speedy trip. 

It's a good place to experience the culture and lives of the local people but something else fascinated me even more. It's Malaysian school holidays now and guess what? I saw more Malaysians than local Thai people. Especially when we were shopping near Lee Garden Hotel, it's pretty normal to see big groups of Malaysian people bargaining and I heard more Hokkien and Cantonese than Thai. Indeed Malaysians have contributed a lot to Thai's economy. Travel buses are everywhere in Hatyai!

Anyway, I always wanted to travel abroad. Although this is not the best place I wish, it's still acceptable laaaa. =))

Can you feel the heat?! Gosh their Tom Yam is superbly goooood!!
Of course we got to eat the popular and yummy Mango Pulut! This small stall located in the wet market had good Mango pulut, much better than those we tried in tourism spots.
Just like Hanoi, Vietnam, the wires are so messy and all seem to be tangled. 
The adorable little tut-tuts are the most convenient public transport in Hatyai. For a short distance trip each person is charged around 20-30 Baht (around RM2-3).
Kpop is taking Thailand. We saw Super Junior, SNSD and 2pm in bookstores, grocery stores and 7-11. Here is Nickhun Oppa, 안녕하세요!

Having a short break is the best way to recharge and reenergize. I am already looking forward to the next short trip! Where should I go le? Ooooo excited!!!

P/s this is the 100th post on Utopia. What a milestone!

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