Photo diary (With Friends)

March 21, 2012

This is a photo diary for little things that happen so far. Although facebook had introduced a so called better layout, the Timeline which is loathed by many users including myself,  I prefer sorting pictures and adding captions here in the blog. It's more organized, personal and clean, and in a way much better to look back and smile. =)

I am definitely going Broga Hill again! I swear! It's challenging and tiring but... fun la. Going with a bunch of
experienced and funny friends make the whole journey a lot easier.
I was STUNNED when I saw this! It was taken way back in 1997 when I was eight year old. And (I guess) it was my birthday or a small party for October babies or I just happened to stand in the middle. This part wasn't saved in my brain hard disc so I couldn't recall. I lost contact with all of these cute little classmates when I changed class a year later, and got to know them back thanks to the uber cool Facebook. P/s did I really look that old and tall and my face was that big already that time?!!!!
My housemates. Dinner at a Korean Restaurant before some of them left us to pursue higher dreams after graduation. Sob. By the way this is one of my favourite Korean Restaurant, located in Amcorp Mall.
My dearest and beloved Bat Po Bong gathering during Chinese New Year. It wasn't complete without Ms Manager Wong. Everyone is so on track in working life. I am so happy for you!
Nothing special about this photo, really, just a few girls trying to squeeze in a tiny thin mirror and act silly in the public.
Feeling young again when I was surrounded by so many young, energetic and fresh faces in the Buddhism class. Who says kids born in the 1990s only are bimbos and big money-spender? Many of them choose to improve their spiritual and emotional quality by spending time in a more appropriate way. This is pretty encouraging and motivating for myself, too.  
I am the leader of the facilitators of the weekly gathering. It's my first time and honestly I myself am lack of ability and strength to guide and help people. But I was happy and grateful to have this chance to know more about myself and other people. AND, I have an amazing team.  Their kind words and high spirit lift me up when I am down and unsure.  To have them and the chance to lead, I am truly blessed. =)

As the pictures are enormous, squeezing so many of them in one small pathetic space will not do them justice. They ought and have the right to be recorded in another part under another category.

Note: My favorite artists the sexy, beautiful, talented and yummylicious Girls' Generation are coming to town on this Friday!! I could not think of other thing except when and how I am going to be there to show them some love and see their powerful dance moves. Gosh I am excited excited excited, no other words can express how excited I am!! XD XD

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