The Rice Bowls

Guess where is this? Redang? Langkawi?
It's Kuala Perlis!
Yes once again we went to Perlis to visit my brother who is studying there. We decided to explore the other side of the state, as normally we just walked around Arau and a small part of Kangar. Honestly I am so pleasantly surprised by the new places we explored. This smallest state of Malaysia seriously deserves more attention for it is such a beautiful, serene and relaxing place!

The first few pictures were taken near the Jetty of Kuala Perlis. There's a small assembly area where tents can be set up and events are held. Girls, imagine getting married at this wonderful place (!) with jade sea water surrounding you, and walking down that long aisle with a good-looking husband.

The weather is so fine. It's sunny and bright in a warm and comfortable way, unlike the hot, glaring, burning sun in my concrete jungle. The paddy field wasn't that beautiful because I guess they just harvested. Nonetheless, just by looking over those big green fields and that bright blue sky, I was satisfied already. =)

We also went to a temple (which I forgot what's the name) and Muzium Indera Kayangan which recorded the ancient civilization of Perlis. And the most important thing is, I curled my hair. My cousin runs a salon in Jitra and she did it for me. Finally I can have a change from flat straight hair to some other style. LOVE IT.

The distance between KL and Perlis is around 500km. Gosh can you imagine how far it is? If you travel by bus or you are a passenger, well, it only takes you a few rounds of naps and you will be there in a blink of an eye. If you are THE driver, congratulations, you will know the distance when everybody else in the car sleeps, wakes up and sleeps again.

Muzium Indera Kayangan
What's better than having some really cheesy stuff after a long day? *drooling*
My brother's school. Look at the sky! Spectacular!

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