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March 30, 2012
What does it take to be a nice restaurant? Of course serving good food is of utmost importance, the dining environment is also crucial in giving the guests an enjoyable dining experience.

If the place is elegant, the diners will look elegant also. Ahem.
I went to this unique eatery today, called Rumahku. Imagine when somebody asks you where to dine and you say "Rumahku". It sounds so warm and comfy! Besides the catchy name, what fascinates me more is the location and interior of the restaurant. It's a bungalow at the road site of the forever congested Jalan Gasing, and it is easily missed because there is no obvious sign saying it's a restaurant. 

Why nobody ever introduce it to me?! I have been staying in PJ for a few years already and never been here before. D= Luckily Guan Serm and Sok Lai brought us there.

The food was good, with fair prices and a variety of choices from Indian cuisine, Chinese delicacies to Western food. Most important of all they serve vegetarian food as well! I was more than satisfied with my Vegetarian Briyani. 
The menu. That Chinese word (jia) means HOME.
My Vegetarian Briyani Set which...
...opens up like a magic chest and the fillings were well hidden under the fragrant rice. It's vegetarian prawn by the way.
Tom Yam Seafood Noodle.
They decorate the place with a little Baba and Nyonya style cum a little Indian feel and also with colorful Batik and fabric everywhere. And they put fresh roses and other flowers to add elegance and liveliness to the interior. The vintage bell is used to ring the waitress. As you can see the prices are pretty reasonable.

P/S Remember to try the Money Bags as appetizer if you are there! It's actually creamy cheese, mixed well with spicy vegetables, wrapped nicely in a crispy and thin golden crust! The cheese was so rich and matched perfectly with the crust. It's vegetarian and if you don't try it you will regret for the rest of your life, seriously.

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