Bad Weather, Good People

April 03, 2012

The photo above was already posted in an older entry  but I had not mentioned the full story yet.

I was doing some experiments in the lab when one of my friends called up and asked me when I knocked my car. Immediately I knew something DREADFUL had happened to my dearest ride aka Prince Black. The passenger's door was indented and scratched, it's a pretty big and ugly scar. Apparently somebody crashed into the poor car and this criminal was nowhere to be seen.

If you are the criminal, will you hit and run? Will you fear how much it will cost you? You know you have committed an unpleasant accident, are you willing to admit it since (you think) you are also innocent?

Honestly I also don't know what I would do. I fear that the owner of the car will potong my leher (demand more money than it takes to repair) or punch my face or whatever.

The one who knocked my car did not hit and run. She responsibly left a note on the window, admitting it and was ready to face the music. In fact when I told this story to my friends and family, some of them said they would hit and run, for the fear of paying compensation or getting a fight or whatever scary thing that comes after.

She could just run away, of course her act would not be caught, my campus is not so advanced to have CCTV in every corner. Then I would pathetically mend it using my own pathetic money plus an indented door which couldn't be closed properly and the car could flood if it rains plus an ugly sight plus a broken heart in despair.

There are still good people in the world because of some simple theories. What goes around comes around, and selfishness will lead you nowhere, only guilt and alienation.

My mum said I was lucky because she paid me the money. But I was unlucky enough because I parked at a proper space but still got hit. =.= So am I lucky or unlucky?

By the way it takes a few hundred to repair it, if anyone is ever so lucky to be involved in this kind of 'unwanted situation', you know how much you need to prepare. Hehehe. =)

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