Best Best Best Friends

April 20, 2012

I will take a nice picture of Tan Mei May next time. 

These people are my best best best friends in the world (P/S three BEST). We were classmates when we were in sixth form and we became best friends ever since. Just like 八婆帮,  we have interesting names as well. Five stars is our decent, pleasant English name, 吹水党 was our old and unfashionable name.  XD

The truth is, I wanted to write a post collecting all the photos we had together. Those days Friendster was so popular and we posted all our photos there. Manatau now Friendster had transformed into some random websites and the photos were all gone. And in the limited remaining photos, we looked nerdy in most of the photos so it's better not to post them. 


Gosh. We were so young then. Isn't it scary how time flies?

Feb 2010
2007 class party which is like 20 years ago since we were wearing school uniforms, had that 'standard' hairstyles and forced to speak English at school. 

Words are beyond me to describe how important these people are to me. Even my parents know their names. And it's weird to be so full of sensations to praise and worship our friendship. Never mind, it's in our heart.

A toast to our everlasting friendship! Cheers!

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