Photo Editing: PicMonkey and Instagram

Picnik (blog post here) is my favorite photo editing site but it is closing soon. Never mind it's not the end of the fun, my friend Yong Hao has introduced another website which does WONDER as well---- PicMonkey. It's just as awesome as Picnik, with even easier and clearer instructions, and most importantly, photos can be uploaded in a few seconds. Uploading photos in picnik is a pain!

Here's the after and before pictures edited by Picmonkey. The effects are just simply amazing and impressive! Beautiful pictures indeed and after editing they look even better and the messages are even stronger. Pictures are provided generously by Yong Hao.


These are some other photos by him, who is obsessed with capturing moments with cameras and embracing the satisfaction photography brings to him. Photography indeed brings one to a whole new perspective, you will start realizing what you have never noticed before, and start learning from these tiny little things that had been neglected for so long.

A shoutout to Mr and Mrs Lee GS: do you recognize him? He looks so dreamy and leng zai la.


Oh yes and I'm finally on Instagram

Before it's available on android, to post an edited photo, I have to edit it using other apps such as 美图秀秀(MTXX) or Photowonder or some other random apps, save it to my phone, and upload it again to this blog or Facebook. Instagram saves the problem, it posts the photos directly to facebook. That's why I have been waiting for it!

Honestly honestly honestly, Instagram only provides basic and limited effects to photo editting, compared to MTXX or Photowonder because these two babies really do WONDER! In terms of improving the skin textures, fairness and enlarging the eyes. These are the products of Photowonder.

And of course I don't look like this in real life. You know the power of airbrushing or 'photoshopped', aren't you?

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