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April 24, 2012

How does these sound to you? A pizza without cheese, a steak made of mushroom, and cakes without eggs? I went to this Organic cum Vegan cum Macrobiotic cafe last week. It's cosy little cafe in SS2. Although I am going meatless now, I'm still not so into the whole concept of 'healthy eating', 'vegan' or 'organic' now because honestly, I still think that organic food is considered quite expensive and...bland.

The delicacies served in this cafe are designed to be a perfect combination of nutrition, as well as being tasty and mouth-watering. They even have a set meal called Yin and Yang which are designed to enhance of the two elements of our body.

By just looking at it you will already know how healthy it is. Look at the amount of vegetables that comes with the brown noodles! I tried Shitake Steak, as the name suggests it's a steak made of fresh organic Shitake mushroom,  a little crispy on the outside, soft inside, yummey.

This is the pizza without cheese. It comes with generous chunks of olive and cherry tomatoes. P/s the dough of the pizza is wholemeal!

I should try mee tok tok next time. Aging people need more stamina. By the way it's a decent and comfortable place to relax and read. I have been consuming a lot of oily and unhealthy food lately, I could truly feel the difference after having an organic meal. It's like...although I felt full, it didn't make my feel stuffy and bloated.

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