Grandmother's Day

Without the promotional reminders by the businessmen, do you actually know when are the recognized Mother's Day and Father's Day? Interestingly, many people are still confused between the dates. Is Mother's Day on the second or third Saturday? What?! It's actually Sunday?

In case anyone want to know, or just to remind myself, Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday of May (which is this Sunday) and Father's Day follows on the third Sunday of June.

The two festivities are now not only limited to parents, they're also celebrating for grandparents as well.

I knew about Keiro No Hi from a cartoon book I had when I was small. In Japan it's a day to celebrate Respects for  the Aged to honor longevity. It's even a public holiday le!

In the European countries they have National Grandparents' Day as well, which falls on September. Similar to Mother's and Father's Day, this special day is to recognize and honour the efforts of the elderly, and also for the young ones to express our love to our dearest and nearest grandparents.

Whenever however, whatever you want to celebrate, just remember accompanying, honouring and appreciating the old ones don't only limit to 'THE DAY' itself. It has to be done naturally and frequently, as time waits for no one.

To tell you the truth, I know how to say only, I never do one. Sometimes I feel quite ashamed for myself for only focusing on MYSELF and forget the fact that, they have spent their lives on us,and the reward of these angels are loneliness, sickness and worries.


In case after seeing the pictures anyone thinks that my grandma (the model in the picture) is mistreated and lonely, I am here to clarify that she was only taking a stroll right after her meal and even it's only a short walk it was under our supervision and companion. It's just that the model's facial expression was too good and created a solemn and nostalgic feeling.

She is just an old funny little girl that forgets the time.

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