Hutan Melintang 半港 Day 1

Growing up in the concrete jungle and barely got the chance to have some real fresh air, I was as happy as a child when I'm at the seaside. Thanks to my roommate, Shi Ying and her extremely hospitable mother, we had the chance to visit a local fishery company at Hutan Melintang, after our trip to Sekinchan (pictures here).

After a long journey of driving (!), nothing pleased us as much as a beautiful weather and strong winds, as well as the typical, strong fishy smell but it didn't matter anyway,would get used to it in no time. Well maybe the journey wasn't long after all, it took around 2 hours (only) drive to reach this quiet, peaceful town.

That's not it!! Something even better awaited us--- an offer to be on a speed boat and hang around at the river/sea!

Pictures can tell a thousand words but they were still unable to show how happy we were. It's like a treat, or a vacation for everyone as this trip also marked an end to our dreadful and stressful semester. 

We were welcomed by right blue sky, warm sun, strong wind and beautiful landscape!

We gotta climb down a flight of shaky stairs to board on our cruise!
Fashion advice: Wear long sleeves and trousers to avoid getting dark.
Choose appropriate outfit colours to match the surroundings.
Bring a flowery hat to look like a Korean Superstar. Tips from 俊敏.
Wardrobe malfunction. I got darker, 
Local travel enables us to discover beautiful things that we thought only other countries could offer. And it's highly affordable too.

Why wait when you deserve a break?

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  1. Nice article and Photos,
    as usual, lot of adventure as well!


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