The Lady

Aung San Suu Kyi is  a world-renowned icon of peace, feminism and non-violence. I couldn't stop shedding tears when I watched The Lady.  

The melancholy and struggles of the Burmese were so vividly portrayed and it touched my heart, especially when Daw Aung  had to decide between going back to her husband or stay with her people. Physically she might be a powerless and weak woman, but I see a mighty heart and firm mind in her.

This movie is amazing. I love it. 'nuff said.

So why am I writing this lengthy post?

I read a review about the film in Sin Chew Daily. The writer commented that the movie is indeed an epic love story, however Michelle Yeoh doesn't show Aung San's true character and disposition, her political ideas and contribution. Well I understand that watching movies can be very subjective but

I couldn't help thinking, this is not a documentary film, why explain so much about Myanmar politics in a movie that is supposed to show her personal lives?

If one is interested in her political moves, ideas and philosophies or anything, just read it from the papers or google it. Not to mention Daw Aung is still alive and very active in leading her people towards democracy.

Watch this video, you will know why this woman is extraordinary. Her manner, air and bravery are amazing. 

The movie was exactly what I expected, the inner side of her that we can hardly understand through  her public appearances or formal speeches. I thought our very own Dato' Michelle Yeoh did a good job in bringing out Aung San's true sentiments that we couldn't see.

I only did two things when I was watching this movie: kept crying and thought of the future of my country.

I realized that I have never done, or never thought of doing, anything for this country, tanah tumpahnya darahku.

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