Like A Lady

Good books are meant to be read again and again, until it's worn out and the pages turn yellow. There is a scene in Sex and the City movie where Carrie Bradshaw told Mr Big how much she loved the smell of old, hard-covered books from the old library. I totally understand her.

The photos were taken to take part in a contest in Facebook called 'Capture your favourite book' from Bookxcess (which is my favorite bookstore). I am afraid that people might hate me for keep asking them to 'like' the pictures so I guess that's why we are losing.  Sour grape lar to tell you the truth I want the book vouchers desperately! =( 

And please people, isn't it obvious that the girl in the picture is not me?! She is my youngest sister. Even Wai Shin, my own sister thought it's me. Weird, very weird. 

Obviously Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books but I couldn't be the stylist, the photographer and director at the same time! So I kinda forced her to sit still and pose. She does look like a lady here, isn't she? I seriously think that people who read are very charming. Like a gentleman, and like a lady.

Photographer & Stylist : Eve
Model: Wai Shan
Venue: Wai Shin's room
Special thanks to: Picmonkey and everyone who voted the photo!

Thank you!

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