Bagan Nakhoda Omar 乌暹

My geography is terrible.

I had never heard of this town before. ==''

It's actually located near to Teluk Intan and Sabak Bernam. If Sekinchan is famous for paddy fields, I think this town deserves  recognition for its beauty and nature as well. 

Perhaps some people, especially the locals, don't feel the specialty of the place, but for us, again, people who were born and raised in the concrete jungle, getting close to the nature and the sea are just wonderful. 

Looking at the sea and listening to the rhythmic waves, my mind is peace like a forest pool.

Horse-shoe crab aka blue blood creature! The one I saw only in form 6 text book!
One of the best anti-venom creatures of the world.
Beautiful isn't it?
Next station: Shi Ying' grandpa house and the goat farm opposite his house.

My labmate said this is a dog. A DOG? C'mon.
I hypothesize that this uncle must be very fit and good-looking when he was young. In fact he is still strong and healthy at the age of over 80 years old.

The fun and wonder didn't stop there. We went to another even more amazing place-- Shi Ying's grandpa vintage house, with a goat farm opposite the house. My gosh, I thought it was so random and cool to have a goat farm in front of your house. Sorry I am just... over excited for everything.

My 'kampung', or my parents' kampung is in Bentong, Pahang. My relatives stayed in concrete houses and there's no goat. As my paternal grandparents passed away already, I don't get to experience the feelings of going back to the ancestral house (?) and celebrating festives together. 

P/s just finish doing my once in a life time Master Seminar. Everything went smoothly. I am as happy as a lark now. =))

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