Istana Negara Lama

The palace seemed to be so solemn and mysterious when I was young. We were only allowed to take some typical tourist pictures outside the gate, or if you are lucky, with the stiff guards and their mighty horses.

Now that the palace and our Agong have moved to a grander palace, the old palace is open for public, until 15th June. We common people have a chance to glimpse how the lives of the royal families were really like and the splendour of our very own Istana Negara.

Singgahsana. Splendid!
Actually only one hall is open for public. It's a place where formal events were held. There were exhibition on Malaysia's diplomatic relation with Brunei, instruments used during formal events, introduction to our beloved Agong and Permaisuri, their contributions to our country, their personal things and jewelleries.

Everything is gold in colour, even the carpet is splendid.

See her profession! Wife of Sultan Kedah
Pekerjaan: Sultan Of Kedah. Very interesting.

I went on Saturday and it was too crowded to squeeze through the crowd and impossible to have a close look at all the exhibits and treasures.

It's still worth to visit if you are curious to discover how it really looks like, or how it looks in reality and how it differs from our imagination. And please, remember to visit their Tandas VIP.

Pameran Raja Kita
Till 15th June 2012, 9am-5pm.
Dresscode: I thought we need to wear long pants but some people were wearing mini skirts and short shorts. C'mon la be respectful it's ISTANA NEGARA. 
Will need to take off our shoes. 
Fee: Free admission but they charge RM3 for cameras and RM5 or RM10 for video cameras.

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