Lab Life

Your name suggests that we can blame you for earthquake and tsunami, no?

By the way that's its real name. Labwork isn't that monotonous after all.  

A little splash of colours from the magic potions and cheerful-looking apparatus.
As well as your toilet papers. Gosh!
Antique distilled water container which looks really... convincing.
The old chancellery, a historical and beautiful building.
Photography exhibition by 3 alumni. Very impressive and inspiring. I didn't know UM was such beautiful.
The most extraordinary place in the campus! I felt like I was in a new art gallery in KL or something like that.
View from the new chancellery. We have the best of both worlds, skyscrapers and a little bit of green.

So! Please stop giving that skeptical look when you hear that somebody is doing research. I will never know what scientists do if I didn't see and experience it for myself. 
Lab work might be laborious, but brain work is also tremendous.

The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.  -Albert Einstein

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