Thank you!

June 11, 2012

Small and random, but not insignificant or should be left unnoticed. Equally unique and beautiful.

Thank you for positive and overwhelming feedback for my previous post 放下,则无忧无惧! At first I thought it was too personal to share with the public, as it involves struggles from the inner side of me and the weaker side of my own self. Confessions take courage.

I must thank Anne Frank and my housemate, Chew Ping Wei for always keeping a diary to reflect their own thoughts and feelings. Undeniably, observing and documenting one's own thought is an excellent way to understand and improve ourselves, and also enjoying the joy of writing and sharing.

I am also currently obsessed with photography. I start to observe little things and learn to feel grateful for them.

For people who are experiencing similar thoughts and feelings to mine, let us continue to improve ourselves.

May all be well and happy. 

P/S May all my housemates and myself be free from all those nonsensical stress of exams and for myself, reading journals and watching over the stressed people!

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