Anne Frank Remembered

The book on the left is Anne Frank Remembered and on the right is Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.

The Diary Of A Young Girl is an autobiography cum diary of Anne Frank, a teenage girl who went into hiding with her family in "The Secret Annex" when Nazis started war on discrimination of Jews. She told us what's going on inside The Secret Annex and how her life had changed since then. 

This book which I have just read, Anne Frank Remembered is about what happened outside the bookshelf that hid the family. This book is a memoir of Miep Gies, the woman who helped to hide the eight Jews for more than two years. She and her husband, as well as thousands of other good Dutchmen risked their lives to bring food, news and moral support to those pitiful victims.

And she was the one who found Anne's diary after the poor girl was forcefully separated from her beloved diary, which she named as Kitty.


Anne Frank Remembered begins with stories about Miep's early life, how she met Anne's father, Otto Frank and his family. She described the life prior to the Nazi's invading Holland and what happened as a result. It continues with her fear and thoughts when she helped the hiding families. The last part tells the story of the happenings after the families were arrested and sent away from the "hiding place" or Anne called as "The Secret Annex". It continues with what life was like from that point to the end of the war and the return of Otto Frank. 

The last part of the book is particularly heartbreaking. When the hiding families were sent away to concentration camps, Miep began to live in worries and fear. Days were so unsafe and insecure, food were insufficient for everyone and she had sleepless nights filled with loud noise of bombs and aircrafts. Two other helpers were arrested and sent away too. All she could do was to wait and pray that the war might be over, soon. 

The hope for peace was finally heard and realized. The war was over. Thousands of Jews were liberated and sent back to Amsterdam. The helpers returned to their homeland, so as many other Jews, but they all looked  so different because of the days they had been through, weak and old. 


The joy of so many returning Jews gave Miep a bright new light of hope. Yes, miracle did happen. Otto Frank came back to her. Happiness overwhelmed her and dared her to hope for more, that was to wish that her other friends and the girls would return.

But they didn't, and never would.

Otto's wife, Edith was dead. Soon he received the death news of his daughter, Margot and Anne from a woman who was in their acquaintance in the camps. They died of diseases. 

The pain in Otto was indescribable in words. 

Miep was in despair and sorrow too. Her little friend would never add new page to her little diary.

Miep continued to describe they lived after the war, how people were still in pain when thinking about the tragic holocaust and, how much she missed the families and the girls.


Miep decided to give Anne's diary to Otto as a token of memory of that cheerful little girl, as she herself would not have the courage to look at it. Otto read the diary and he said he finally understand Anne. She was so much more than the cheerful and immature daughter as he would described her. She had serious thoughts, her own opinions on war and politics, her interesting observations about other people... and so much more that amazed him. He decided to fulfill Anne's wish as a successful author by publishing her precious Kitty.

Millions of people were and are moved by Anne's astonishing story. 

Miep finally picked up courage to read the diary, after it was published and became a successful autobiography of a holocaust victim. She said after reading it "the emptiness in my heart was eased."

"Not a day goes by that I do not grieve for them."

Anne Frank Remembered is also an Academy Award Winning documentary. 

When I read Anne's diary I often forgot that she was just a young girl of 14, 15 years old. This little diary  embodies the pain and hideousness of war, much better and more vivid than any other evidence. Perhaps pains and hardships in life had defined her maturity and made her a wiser and stronger person. 


Ever since the diary was published, Otto constantly received letters from all over the world, asking questions about Anne and the war, as well as complimenting Anne's success in noting what actually happened during the war. Otto answered every letter and response he received until his death in his 80-s.

He corresponds with some readers at length and says about this: "Young people especially always want to know how these terrible things could ever have happened. I answer them as well as I can. And then at the end, I often finish by saying: 'I hope Anne's book will have an effect on the rest of your life so that insofar as it is possible in your own circumstances, you will work for unity and peace.'"



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