Seoul Day 1

Bukchon Village, Samcheong Dong   北村, 三清洞

This is a Korean traditional village with a long history located between Gyeongbok PalaceChangdeok Palace and JongmyoRoyal Shrine. The traditional village is composed of lots of alleys and is preserved to show a 600-year-old urban environment. I was able to see the traditional and cultural side of the country besides its advancement in technology. 

Bukchon Traditional Culture Centre

Incidentally went into this peaceful place. It introduces the architecture and daily lives of their ancestors.   

We met a really warm-hearted uncle who brought us into this small activity room where children were experiencing traditional Korean culture. They were painting Korean traditional masks which were used in wars, ceremonies and ritual dances. Some were sewing little fragrance bags with coffee beans inside to absorb moisture and odour in the air.

As Bukchon village is a well-preserved area in Seoul we could see a lot of traditionally-built houses and buildings. Some have been transformed into art galleries and museums. Some have become guest houses. 

I would looove to stay there one day. Their guest houses look really cozy and warm, and I heard that the house owners will actually take good care of the guests.

Near Buchon Village, it's the famous Cheongdeok Palace (昌德宫). Not going in as we will go to another palace.

Handmade Stores

The fun didn't just stop there. There's a lovely street nearby full of handmade or handicrafts stores. The whole area is just vintage, nostalgic, small and... very Korean. 


맛있어요! Jeongmal massiseoyo! Very delicious indeed!

Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake, 떡볶이)
Gye-Ran-Bbang (Egg muffin, 계란빵)

Patbingsu ( Red Bean Ice, 팥빙수) with jelly beans.

Waiting for the subway.

My sisters and friends might be envious looking at the photos here. We can save money and come to Seoul one day. I am just exploring the city in advance. Bahaha.

May all be well and happy.

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