Insadong 仁寺洞

Seoul Day 1
Met T-ara's Eunjung on the street. And with loads of newly purchased items. 

Just came back from Insadong, Seoul. Not the first place we visited here but felt like writing about it first.

Second day in South Korea and today we decided to step out of our comfort zone, Incheon to explore the metropolitan, Seoul. It was quite challenging, I would say, mainly because my Korean language is so poor and their English is equally poor. As a result we find it rather difficult to make each other understand what we are going to say. Sign language does not help much either. The guard hold my hand and led me to the bus station because I couldn't understand him lol. And interestingly, they know you don't understand Hangul, but they would still speak a lot of Korean with you and no sign language. ''=.=''  


Insadong is a tourism spot with an artful air as there are many art galleries, handmade stores and artists. I met paper Jet Li in one art gallery with other paper celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth. Spectacular!

There are also many other galleries with various styles and artistic perspectives. I am not an artistic person so.. I don't really get it. And the feeling of meeting KLCC in Seoul is amazing.


This is an interesting building along the main street of Insadong. Designed in a spiral manner, when you go along the corridors you will naturally go to the next floor. Each shop is extremely unique with handmade goodies of the shop owners or you can handmade your own stuffs! 


Travelling is not complete without FOOD! Han Shik (Korean food) is everywhere with similar prices. We randomly chose this traditional restaurant located in a small lorong. The Sundubu Jigae is really good.

Wand Confections. This stuff is interesting. It tastes like corn flakes with ICE CREAM inside.
There's always a queue in front of the store. Taste good but doesn't look good though.

Scenes that we always see in Korean drama. Eat rice cakes on the roadside and talk to the friendly ahjumma!

Words and pictures are not enough to express my gratitude and happiness for being to be here. Last year I missed the chance due to sickness and I couldn't believe I am typing this post in Korea.

Life is good! 

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