My Dorm

Greetings from Inha University! It has been 3 days since I am here in Incheon and life is good. The dorm is comfy and most important of all, CLEAN. Though it's not new it's so much cleaner than ours in Malaysia. The rooms and shared areas, including the washrooms of course, are all well-maintained and the people here are more concerned bout cleanliness and courtesy.

Just a sneak peek to my dorm.

My bed and desk. Each student has ample space to store things and study.
There are cupboards which are not seen in this picture.
Plus, the bed is so much bigger than our single bed.
In the cafeteria.
Free flow of Kimchi every meal. Bahahahhaha.
Each meal usually contains 1 staple food (rice or pancake), 2 or 3 side dishes and Korean soup.
Study room.
Well-equiped laundry. 

There are other areas of the dorm which are not shown here yet, especially the bizarre bathroom. (Gasp)
First class tomorrow and it's 12 am now.

Life's good.

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