Bupyeong, Incheon

We are backpackers with limited budget but still, we try to get the best out of it. I lovegoing to places like their traditional markets or little kopitiam rather than popular or highly recommended restaurants, or tourism hot spot. The reason is in this way I can really feel how the local live daily and their culture.

Bupyeong is one of the most happening place in Incheon. It is introduced as a lively city of culture and tourism.

Honestly I couldn't feel the cultural part of the city but overall it's a really popular place among the locals as it was really crowded.

The recommended route in the map is as such:

Bupyeong Art Centre >>> Bupyeong Culture Street >>> Bupyeong Traditional Market >>> Bupyeong Underground Shopping Centre >>> Bupyeong History Museum

Bupyeong Art Centre

We reached there at 6pm and it's closed. Children were playing with mud and the staffs were cleaning painting materials. We communicated with them funnily by using various gestures and asking them to read the translation on the book.

Bupyeong Culture Street

Then we met this cute guy who brought us to culture street. But there's nothing and disappointing. A lot of franchisee boutique and fast food restaurant. Skip.

Bupyeong Traditional Market

It has the most friendly and ordinary people I have met so far. They are mostly old folks that run a small store in the market.

Various types of Kimchi. In fact there are more than 200 types of Kimchi in Korea.
Large clay pots to store kimchi

Randomly picked this restaurant and balaboom... it's nice and cheap! 

Rabbokki ( Ramyun + Tteokbokki) and Naeng Myun (cold noodle) for 6000 Won in total (RM18). RM4.50 per person.

Yes it's soaked in ice.
This adorable aunty was busy making gimbap (rice roll) and avoiding the camera lol.

Bupyeong Mall and Underground Shopping Center

Bupyeong Underground Shopping Center is Korea's biggest underground shopping center. There are more than 860 shops and 20 exits ushering all people in and out. Summer sale is happening now so basically all shops are giving an offer.

5000 won ~ RM 15

Worthwhile for shopping.


Subway Line 1

Bupyeong Art Centre :  Baegun Station
Bupyeon Shopping Mall : Bupyeong Station
Bupyeon Underground Shopping Center : Bupyeong Market Station

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