Hello Kitty!

Seoul Day X

Hello Kitty Cafe

OMG OMG! It's a cake with Hello Kitty! Kawai ne! So cute!!

We thought it a must to visit this cafe, which is one of the most famous restaurants located in Hongdae, Seoul.

I guess I am supposed to sound excited but honestly I am too old for this. Acting cute and pose awkwardly next to the ever young and cute Kitty? Oh no. 

The food

Naturally the desserts and cakes have Kitty's face on which make them look really special and adorable. They serve variety of desserts and coffee.

We only ordered the Choco Bread without Kitty's face. It tasted.... like any other Choco Bread. FYI, W5000 is around RM15. The cake with the shape like Kitty's head is slightly bigger than my fist and costs W10,000, around RM30.

Kitty! Are you okay?! Is it too hot in there?!!!

You are surrounded by cats!

Decorated with baby pink walls and Kitty's figurines everywhere, this is a dreamland for all the fans of the icon. Not only you are able to dine with Kitty herself, you are accompanied by all her friends. Especially when you visit the washroom, you won't be lonely as they are still with you.

You can also buy her original merchandise here in the shop. 

A cafe full of Kitty cats is indeed adorable but I will be happier if it's Shin Chan Cafe, Doraemon or Sailor Moon cafe, perhaps.


Take the subway, get off at Hongdae Station and go to Exit 5. Ask people for direction. It's kinda in a small road next to a busy road and hidden. Next to Watson's Pharmacy.

서울시 마포구 서교동 358-112 
Seoul 358-112 Seogyo
Tel : 02-334-6570

Operation hours : 
11:00~24:00 (Friday & Saturday)~2:00

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