Inha University

Inha University (仁荷大学校)is one of the most prestigious private universities in Korea and it has been continually ranked as top 10 college nationwide. It was founded as an engineering institute in 1954, since then it has gained positive reputation in academy as well as fields related to science and technology. 

The university is located in Incheon, a city well known for Incheon International Airport. The city is located in mid-west Korean peninsular abutting the Yellow Sea.

I am here for their summer school programme which aims to introduce educational and cultural experiences for three weeks. There are around 500 participants from all around the world. 

Me and my two roommates.

Inha University 

The campus is a smaller than University of Malaya but the structures (?) are more or less the same. There is a sports area, picturesque ponds, beautiful plants and trees as well as buildings.

The main building
Jungseok Memorial Library

Korean Friends

Say Hi to Min Ji and Krystal! 

They are two adorable Korean girls that we met on the first day of our arrival and on the first day of school, they were so kind to bring us to a local restaurant to eat Hanshik (Korean food).

The price for each person is 4000 won (~RM12). Sounds to be rather expensive but the portion actually serves two. One main dish (soup/bbq meat) + rice + free flow of ice water + free flow of Banchan.

The summer here is crazy. It is DEFINITELY hotter than Malaysia. Not only the temperature is extremely high (35 degree Celsius), the air is dry and stuffy. Nearly suffocated when we walked under the glaring sun for more than half an hour. Even us who come from a tropical country couldn't stand the heat. For the past week I am here, it only rained ONCE.

Hence the Korean girls kindly brought us to eat their famous summer dessert --- red bean ice [Patbingsu ( Red Bean Ice, 팥빙수)]. We went to a famous chain caffe called The Caffe Bean, more or less like Secret Recipe I guess.

And the ice were so good... and expensive. 10,000 won per ice. (~RM 30). =.='''


What do we do here?

We study Korean language, go to fieldtrips, learn their culture and have fun. Oh yeah, I went to Samsung Electronics.

It was raining so they gave ALL of us free raincoat during the lecture so that we wouldn't get wet.
In Malaysia, when it's raining, what do you think they will do?


Wrote about my dorm in a previous post. Here's more photos for the place. 

Attention people: Every student who wants to get into the dorm building need to get in with their index finger print. 

And there's a cafeteria, clean and neat. And there is a lounge shared by residents of the floor. There are microwave, a huge refrigerator, chairs and television with 60 more channels.

My desk

Let's end this post with Girls' Generation's smiles. These are my three favorites: Seohyun, Tiffany and Taeyeon promoting the Olympics and motivating their athletes.

Life's good. Thank you for everything.

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