Myeongdong, Seoul 明洞

Seoul Day 2

Myeongdong is a popular shopping district with thousands of stores and several huge malls. Heaven for shopping fanatics and a must-go place for travellers.

Myeongdong Cathedral (明洞大圣堂)

Before the fun begins, we visited Myeongdong Cathedral (明洞大圣堂) which is the most historical Catholic church in Korea. It's a magnificent building AND we went on a Sunday, the locals were having Sunday service. The hall was full, even the aisle and space behind were full of religious Koreans. They sang beautifully and the atmosphere was so harmony and peaceful.

I have never been to such a big church before. Spectacular.

Shopping Street

Then we began our shopping adventure. The streets were crazily crowded with people of various nationalities especially Chinese from Hong Kong and China and many locals too. So I supposed this is also their shopping heaven.

They are having summer sales now so the ladies' arm were filled with new purchases especially cosmetics and skin care products. Have you ever heard a statement here in Korea? Cosmetics and Skincare products are far much cheaper than food.

I investigated and I agree.

All shops were full of women, including myself of course. Too busy choosing and buying and no time for snapping. Seriously.

Yes, Samsung owns this.


Mr Jang Geun Suk is everywhere! Not only in Myeongdong but in all districts as he was the ambassador for the cosmetic brand called Nature Republic. This store has a branch on every street in Myeongdong so basically he is everywhere. 

By the way this is the biggest branch of the brand. I heard that some guys in the dorm mistakenly take him as a girl. Look at his flawless skin, small nose and small mouth.

SPAO is a clothing line owned by SM Entertainment, whose artists include Super Junior, Girls' Generation, F(x), etc etc so naturally they become spokeperson for the brand. I was so excited for finally found this store BUT they are closed on Sundays. Closed on Sunday when there are the most people and visitors!! I guess SM is just too rich.

There is another store owned by SM Entertaiment called Everysing which sells the official merchandise of their artists. It was fun to see so many celebrities surrounding you but as much as the excitement the price is equally insane. Honestly they are just some photos of the celebrities printed on mugs, file holders, keychains and some random stuffs then they mark it with 'reasonable price'. 

Diehard fans maybe will buy la I would rather save my money on buying masks.


A lot of 'Lotte' here in Korea. It is a big company with major businesses such as massive department stores, amusements parks (Lotteworld- one of the biggest themepark in Korea),  fast food chain (Lotteria) etc etc. This Lotte department store located in Myengdong is similar to KLCC or pavilion that we have in KL.

And this was where I met the girls. Girls' Generation were their ambassadors welcoming you into the mall.


Getting meatless food is difficult here, and it will be worse if you are a strict vegetarian or a vegan. So far I have only seen ONE vegetarian restaurant which is high-class and expensive so I didn't dine in. Their food normally consist of beef, pork, chicken and seafood. I could only try my best to adapt.

Han's Deli is a franchise fast-food restaurant which serves fusion of Asian and Western Cuisine. Kimchi cheese bake rice, kimchi pizza, steak with kimchi fried rice etc etc... you can never get rid of kimchi.

Kimchi cheese baked rice, Goguma (sweet potato) tortilla pizza and fried rice with frankfurter.
This is soooo good!

Guys, think carefully before going there with your girlfriend. You will either be broke or your legs are broken. There are more than a thousand stores to shop. Girls have a gifted talent in walking non-stop when it comes to seeking and purchasing 'necessary and important' products that are on sale.

Girls, don't go Myeongdong if you don't have enough money. The shopping bug will bite you.


Subway Line 4 Station Myeongdong
(light blue colour, number 424)

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