If and only if those shopping bags are real and full....

or walk on the red carpet glamorously? Err maybe not so glamorous with shabby clothes but something like that...

spend some time with the local girls?

narrow escape from a rhino?

or witnessing Perseus cutting off Medusa's head?

or if you have to pull a wild boar?

If you love to take photos and you're ready to have some fun, you will love this place. 

Trick Eye Museum is one of the most awesome places in Seoul. I saw lots of funny pictures of bloggers or in the magazines and I was so excited to be there!

Everything here is so real, but unreal. So lively but so dead. 

In fact all the objects we see are flat, they are not protruding out. They are just paintings in shadows and contour that they have an realistic and 3-dimensional effects. So amazing!!

The trick is called Trompe-l'oeil (French for 'deceive the eye'), a technique using extremely realistic imagery to create optical illusion that the depicted objects appear in 3 dimensions.

Remember to get the cameras ready and the battery life is long enough. We took too many photos until my camera ran out of battery. 

And go with people that are ready to take silly pictures with you! 

And below is a clear example of how optical illusion can trick us. 

What you see is not really what you see. 

The same applies to what we see in daily lives. At the first few glances, or the first instinct, we see and sense that it's real. But only after investigation and understanding that we know What you see might not be real, what you see is only the surface and not the fact.

How tall do you think we are? You might have thought that I am small in the first two photos or that I am huge, as the bottom two pictures tell you? 

So what do your eyes tell you? 

Did the objects trick you? or your eyes tricked you?

Which is real and which is illusion?

Learnt a little pañcakkhandhā (五蕴)in here.

Trick Eye Museum 

Open everyday from 10AM to 9PM. 
(Despite the fact that the website says they are open until 10pm, it's actually 9 pm.
Admission is 13,000 won for adults and 11,000 for kids. 


Subway to Hongik University (Line 2, Exit 9). 
Walk straight then turn left at the first intersection. 
Walk until you reach Starbucks on the left. 
Cross the main street on your right and go down the alley next to Holika Holika. 
Continue walking for a minute and Santorini Seoul will be on your right. 

Many people claimed that the place is pretty difficult to find, as it is located on the basement floor. Perhaps they choose the location on purpose, the searching process to the museum is a puzzle and tricky by itself.

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