4 simple goals

September 08, 2012
Inspired by my favourite bloggers from http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/ to make some goals before the year end. It's September (already!) and when I looked at the new year resolutions I did before the year began, not many were accomplished. I regretted and I felt like banging my head to the wall.
For me complicated and detailed goals are difficult to achieve! For example, exercise 3 times a week. This is the biggest lie ever as I hate exercising. I should opt for a simpler and more encouraging sounding one like stay active!
And, result-oriented goals do not work for me either. I.e. save RM xxxx in a month. Doesn't make me happy either resulting in tension and eventually, giving up.
Instead, I choose simple goals that will make my life happier, richer and fun!
1. Be confident: really not confident with myself lately. Need to work on that.
2. Work harder: I thought postgrad students should be free but there are tonnes of work waiting for me. Instead of complaining and whining, I should turn that energy into positive energy and move forward.
3. Stay active: I never exercise for years, seriously, resulting in premature aging, loss of memory, reduction in elasticity of skin and feeling tired easily. Not the life that I would want, so stay active!
4. Be positive: so much worries lately and been a little negative in a while. Must resume to meditation and keeping myself happy.

This shall be my wallpaper for the coming months as a gentle motivator. How about you? Challenge accepted?

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