September 27, 2012

This is United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan, South Korea. The cemetery serves to commemorate fallen warriors who sacrificed in the Korean Cold War. Some of them were Europeans, Asians, Americans, Australia, and of course, Korea. 

I couldn't imagine how these wonderful lives would end up here. I believe they used to live happily, with big dreams, but sacrificed at their blossoming years. Well perhaps their biggest dreams were to serve for the nation and sacrificing brought the most glory to them.

But I can't help thinking how pathetic people were to be born and involved in a war. That cold and messy world. There were so many wars in a century-- in 20th century itself we had two great wars and other wars. So many people died, hope diminished and happiness disappeared. But then war comes again as human are forgetful of its price.

Now these witnesses of history live peacefully here together with the beautiful flowers. This cemetery speaks for itself and will continue to remind us the price of war in its own way.

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