Dongdaemun 东大门

Dongdaemun, Seoul 
东大门   동대문

"Dongdaemun" means "Great East Gate," and it was named so because it was the major eastern gate in the wall that surrounded Seoul during the Joseon Dynasty. The area around Dongdaemun is actually one of the many shopping heavens in Seoul that will make girls screamThe market has 26 shopping malls situated over 10 blocks, 30,000 speciality shops, and 50,000 manufacturers. 

All the latest Korean fashion COMES FROM HERE!! Gasp!!
 That's two of the famous malls: Doota and Apm. It's kinda similar to Bukit Bintang where we can find lots of cute little boutiques.Guess what I bought? Nothing. I successfully combated the shopaholic devil and saved money for subway tickets. Wise le. :DDD
We spent most of our time walking and sightseeing. There is Cheonggyecheon Stream where the locals relaxed and washed their feet in the cool water. And there was a fashion show rehearsal too. Runway on a stream... interesting. 
And that's my roommate, Suk Eang. That day we two soh poh travelled so hard and walked a hundred miles to visit as many places as we could. It was an intense physical training until we fell asleep in the bus and missed the stops.
It's tiring but adventurous at the same time. That is the fun of random travelling la!

There is a traditional market near the shopping district, probably just a 5 minutes walk away from the stream. Here you can find famous restaurants of samgyetang (参鸡汤, ginseng chicken soup), grilled fish and bulgogi (BBQ marinated meat). Samgyetang was rather expensive, approximately W12,000 (~RM36) per person. We ordered grilled fish and kimchi jigae which is W6,000 (~RM18) per set. Oh gosh that jigae was so superbly good and probably one of the best I have ever had.

Every time I look at these photos I miss Korea, especially that Kimchi Jigae.


Subway lines 1 & 4, Dongdaemun Station; or Subway lines 2 & 4, Dongdaemun Stadium Station 

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