Everybody comes to Gwangalli

Gwangalli Beach, 광안리해수욕장 in Busan

Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful!
Overlooking the spectacular Gwangan bridge, Gwangalli is one of the most famous summer hang-out spots for Koreans. The beach was surrounded by Busan city view, creating an interesting contrast between mother nature and a sea of concrete buildings. The beach is also famous for its fine sand and crystal blue water.
I used to watch it in Korean variety shows and still couldn't believe I would actually go there. It's part of the city tour route so we thought it is a MUST to hit the beach.
By the way, it was 12 noon and a lot of people are surfing and chilling at the beach. Maybe not chilling, as the sun was burning hot and I felt like I was bbq-ing myself. The umbrellas are for rent, W5000 per umbrella (~RM15). You can even grab a book while getting beautiful sun-kissed tan. 
I would love to jump into the sea and bathe in the cool water as well as the sun, but we had too many places to visit. For lunch we chose Korean food of course, can't get enough of Kimchi and kimchi jiggae. Yiiiumm~!
This is Bibimbap, Korean rice with mixed vegetables, before it was mixed. Apparently we were too clumsy so the ahjumma quickly came and give the rice a stir, demonstrating how to properly mix the rice by keep stirring it until the chilli paste, rice and vege blend together like... salad.

So.... Grab a towel, wear a pair of sunnies and hit the beach! 

But maybe not Gwangalli, it's too far. Port Dickson or Teluk Cempedak will be as good.

 Transport to Gwangalli beach:
1. From Busan Station, take city bus No. 41, 42, 140, 239, 240, 139 and get off at Gwanganlli Beach 
2. From Express Bus Terminal, take city bus No. 131, 131-1
3. Take subway line no. 1 from Busan Subway Station and transfer from subway line no. 1 to no. 1 at Seomyeon Station. Get off at Gwangan Station(subway line no. 2, exit 3 or 5) and walk 5 minutes.

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