Everybody comes to Haeundae

September 14, 2012

Haeundae is the most famous beach in South Korea. I first saw it in 'We Got Married' when Yonghwa brought Seohyun to his hometown, Busan. Gosh, I was there myself.
Thousands of people were chilling out at the beach. There were thousands of umbrellas adding beautiful splash of colour to the monotonous sand. It's a well-maintained beach, not very dirty and all the umbrellas, mat and sunchairs neatly arranged along the coast. And at night the umbrellas were kept away.
There's only one word to describe the view- Spectacular. 

Lots of bikinis girls too. Korean bikini girls lol. Phewitt.
That was Gwangan bridge and Haeundae at night. We decided to spend our only night in Busan in a fantastic and unforgettable way. We stayed in Sauna. Woohoo. 
I highly recommend Haeundae Spa Center as it is so GOOD! 
When we entered the sauna we got to store our things in a locker first, then all of use had to take off all our clothes and enter the sauna, where almost 50 aunties were already happily bathing inside the huge room. There were many shower 'stations' and several big pools with different temperatures. You can choose whichever you like and then happily bathe with the other girls.
This might sound bizarre but it's their culture. And naturally we followed that. They were even naked when watching tv, drinking, putting makeup and drying their hair. Like a boss!
Also, it's the most affordable kind of accommodation we could find. Each person was charged only W9,000 (~RM27). All the guests (young and old, men and women) would sleep (on the floor!) in this big hall using the blankets and wooden pillow that they provided. 

Staying in Jimjilbang was the coolest thing I did in Korea. So comfy to have a good bath after a long day walk, but first you have to get used to bathing and taking shower with a bunch of naked women. But that shouldn't be a problem, everyone does that and we got to see various types of body shape, unintentionally.

Ahh those beautiful memories.

To-dos in life: visit Haeundae one day. Checked.
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