September 24, 2012
Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress is often characterized by sharp colours and loose cuttings, which means, women of any age or body shape can wear Hanbok as it doesn't show our curves as much as, Cheongsam for example. The 'shirt' of the dress is called Jeogori, and the dress part is Chima. Beautiful patterns and textile.

It had been a lovely experience to try it on, though initially I thought the dressing up part would be as interesting as wearing Japanese, Kimono, which is complicated and in specific order. Hanbok was easy to wear. That's why we wore it for only 10 minutes in total. Before the happy time ended we tried out best to snap, pose and have fun with Hanbok before they gently asked us to leave.

Venue: Tourist Information Center, near Gwanghwamun, Seoul
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