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I showed off in Facebook that I got these wonderful surprise from two of my best friends, Baba and Grace early in the morning of my birthday when I was still brushing my teeth. These two girls are just amazing. 

The strawberry cheesecake was absolutely wonderful. If the full mark is ten I would give it a hundred. It's baked to perfection, the crust was crispy but not dry, the cheese was so creamy but not overly greasy plus the strawberries were beautiful. I heard they had failed for several times before. Gosh how touching~~!

As for the UTOPIA vintage sign board, I am a huge fan of vintage roses and I keep telling them and voila! They learnt and tried to paint it. Thanks to everyone who was involved in making these magical things happened.I couldn't help feeling how lucky I am to be so blessed. To be surrounded by loving and kind people, to be loved and taken care of, I am truly fortunate. 

And I couldn't spend the night with a more... interesting way. My dad and I attended a reunion dinner at the Kwangsi Association which celebrated their 85th birthday. So almost 500 guests sang birthday song to the Association and to me, imaginatively. 

When I was younger I hoped everyone would remember my birthday, give me loads of presents and have big parties. As I am getting older, those things are just not important anymore. Being alive, happy and everyone together are more important. Well birthday is in fact the day to remind us that we are indebted to our parents' love since that the day we were born.

Happy 23rd Birthday to me.

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  1. you have the sweetest thoughts, Eve.

    I stumbled on your blog when i was looking for images on korea - but i ended up reading all your posts i can find.

    Anyway, are you on facebook? and would you want to stay in touch there?

    In any case, keep those great thoughts going - one of my favorite teachers always said:

    "beware of your thoughts for they become your words, beware of your words for they become your actions, beware of your actions as they become your habits, and beware of your habits, for they become your destiny".

    And when i see someone type such nice thoughts - It tells me what kind of a person they are inside. So thank you for sharing them online.


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