Mysterious Library, Busan, Korea
Gorgeous place. Judging by the name, I thought this was going to be a bookshelf maze, or a library that required puzzles to be solved before entering. It turned out to be exactly opposite of what I expected. It is such a warm, nice and bright little coffee shop... with a sea of books! The books are collection of crime, horror or mystery genres of books from all over the world and in various languages, mainly Korean, and German, Italian, English, Chinese etc.
To name a few, there were a full collection of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's biography, Agatha Christie, eccentric books entitled "101 ways to die", "The Most Wicked Crime In The World History" etc. Just books and titles that don't match the interior of the little shop. Interesting!

The most mysterious part of this adorable place is its location. It's hidden and located in an residential area, making it one of the most difficult places to find.
We were welcomed by this warm sight of the coffee shop, a little vintage, cottage and garden-like ambience assimilated together. It's so beautiful and cozy that I felt it was like heaven to us after such a long walk searching for it. I could feel the love of the owner for this library as everything is so clean, elegant and in place. We must spend some time here, naturally. They served freshly brewed coffee, with a leaf as the cup coaster. 
The second and third floors of the building were the library where a large collection of magazines, poems, classics, casebooks and encyclopedias were stored. It's more like an art center cum museum than a library as it has a distinctive artistic, classy and rustic feel.

Apparently this is Sherlock Holmes' room in Baker Street. Oh I am Sherlocked!

It has always been my favourite thing to do, snugging in a big armchair by the big glass window, with some dark coffee and chocolate chip cookies, bathing in the gentle sunlight and mild weather. Perfecto! Definitely the best way to spend a lazy afternoon.
This little cosy place is one of the reasons I miss Busan so much. Aww!

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