Second Chance

October 23, 2012
I bet our kids won't know what are these. Perhaps they will be displayed quietly in a museum, reminding people how much joy they used to bring to everyone.
These are called cassettes or tapes and they used to be so important. Now that they are not in use anymore, my family collected some of these old cassettes from a local temple, dismantle them and send the recyclable components to Tzu Chi Foundation, where the components will be transformed into useful and practical products. I think it was a brilliant idea as they are given a second chance to be alive again in another form other than ending up sadly in a rubbish pile.

Talking about second chance, Amcorp Mall has this interesting flea market every weekend. Many people will set up little stalls to sell their unique collectibles, mostly vintage or handmade. There are many interesting antiques waiting for new owners. The items range from an iron from the 50s, vintage wine glass, paper money from World War II, traditional costume and jewellery of Baba and Nyonya, really old gramophone, vintage accordion, guitars, some second hand books and many other bizarre stuffs that I have never seen in my life! Perhaps you might find some lovely items there and give them a new life. xx

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