Autumn Harvest

November 15, 2012

Holidays are always fun! Not only you have free time for yourself, but more time for little things around you. In my case, holidays mean happiness. My house will be full of visitors, relatives and laughter. This festive holiday is blessed with a surprisingly huge harvest of RAMBUTANS! How many kids in Kuala Lumpur nowadays have a rambutan tree behind their house? Have they ever seen one? 

The fact that it is actually fruiting makes us happy. 

Besides fruits we have animals, lots of them. Squirrels, civet cats, snakes, bees... just to name a few. There are many cats though, which I have no idea where they are from. 

Two cats are watching you!

And today somebody joined us. Apparently this puppy lost his way home and so happen to wander in front of our house. Gosh he is one adorable puppy. Our hearts melt by his innocent look, fleshy paw and super fluffy fur. 

This adorable kangaroo wannabe wishes you 'Happy holiday!'

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