Octvember Photo Diary

The recent content of this blog kinda reflects my life in these two months: serious, boring and nothing new. There are a lot of things happening, some exciting ones but erm, I don't know I just don't feel as energetic as I was young. The best comfort to a tired soul is of course, FOOD! My craving has changed a little, from this crazy desire from Korean Kimchi to an Indian delicacy, Cheese Nan ftw. And as usual, cravings for pink, girly, vintage things. This shop is called Romantika, located in third floor of Amcorp Mall. It is like Palace of Versailles to me.


After 10 years I visited the National Science Center again. We thought it would be a nice place to bring us excitement for the love of science and ignite the 'scientist flame' in us, at least inspiring us to think more scientifically and logically, whatever. The trip turned out to be very interesting, as in we got to line up for the exhibits with some other children and solving colourful puzzles. Very nolstalgic, but not as inspiring as we thought it should be. I will highly recommend the place for a family day out, if you have little kids.

And I went to Istana Budaya for the first time. I know very sua ku. Its interior is far much grandeur than I thought. Watching 'Princess Wen Cheng The Musical' in this beautiful place was an incredible experience. The musical was perfect in every way, from the actors, backdrop, music, design, dances.. everything. Can't brag much about it but honestly I couldn't help guessing which one is Box 5 where the Phantom Of The Opera always wanted to book. 

University of Malaya has a little place called Galeri Seni Asia where artworks and paintings of local artists are exhibited and kept. I don't know much about art, I can only describe its ambience as artistic, beautiful and ethereal. Having a little peace in a busy city is good for our souls. Now they are exhibiting some paintings by children with disabilities such as visual impairment, autism, hearing loss, cerebral palsy, hyperactivity. I thought those lotuses were gorgeous.


And it is the happy season of convocation! Some of my best friends graduated and congratulations to them for their achievements after working hard for so long.
I wish to give special remark for the flowers... paper flowers made by Kar Hong. Probably I need one year's time and a whole stack of paper to practise before I can make them as beautiful as he did.

Lastly, redecorating this blog has been the most enjoyable thing to do. I lost count on how many times I experiment on the colour combination and changing the html codes. I'm quite happy with this one for the moment but erm, maybe it will change to another design in no time.

May all be well and happy. Happy Friday!

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