One Night in Korea

November 20, 2012
Wolmido Island, Incheon, Korea

During the summer program our classes usually ended before 4pm. So, naturally, what do you think we do after that? Lepak and makan-makan of course!

One of the first few places that we visited in Incheon is Wolmido (月尾岛). It's near to our campus, as well as the airport. We can see the magnificent Incheon Bridge and Incheon Tower. Wolmido is not really a tourism spot, most likely a recreation spot for local people, pretty relaxing to hang out in a place like this at night. Look at the pastel sky!


It's somewhat similar to Teluk Cempedak This summer was even hotter and dryer than we normally experience in Malaysia. To get rid of the heat, what's better than a water party and some great music? There's also a huge amusement park, soccer field and restaurants. Perfect hang out spot!

And that night ended with a bus ride home with Yoona and Lee Min Ho. =))

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