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November 18, 2012

What do you usually do online? Facebook? E-mail? Games?

I read blogs. These are some fantastic blogs that I truly love and wish to share.


1. A Beautiful Mess
This beautiful blog is run by two sisters, sharing their love for DIYs, cooking and baking, sewing, some wood projects, clothes, decor and a lot more sweet stuffs. This is definitely one of my favourite blogs ever. I will habitually check this blog out when I switch on my computer everyday. Daily bits of something warm and beautiful!

2. Gary Pepper Vintage
This girl, Nicole, is fantastic. She has one of the best blogs that ensemble fashion and gorgeous photography together. It's a bit of eye candy for her vintage fashion style, which is my cup of tea, and also mesmerizing photography by her boyfriend, Luke Shadbolt (check out his amazing photos here).

3. Design Sponge
Some people have the super power of turning something old and worn into something impressive and magical. The team at Design Sponge definitely have this magical power. Any space, regardless big or small, new or old, can be turned into fantasy land and cozy homes by their creative ideas and magical hands.
I always look at their blog and think, gosh I wish to redecorate my room!

4. The Road Is Home
Hands down this is one of the most beautiful photography I have ever seen. I'm not a big fan of insects, animals or scenery photography, I prefer family shoot. This blog is owned by a young female photographer who has a baby, and her photos are beyond amazing.

Youtube Channel

Lisa Eldridge

I always think learning makeup from Youtube is most effective and fast. This channel by Lisa Eldridge is marvellous (link here). Her portfolio scared me. Not only she is gorgeous, she is an expert in making others beautiful as well. She is one of the biggest names in magazines, creating numerous cover makeup and fashion editorials. Vogue, Elle.. Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, Lara Stone... etc etc are just some of her clients.
Despite being really successful and famous, her videos are really down to earth and informative. Gathering makeup tips and skills from a professional is definitely worth your time.

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