17th BSGC

Well my recent trip to Bangkok was not entirely about travelling and having fun. I got a really serious mission, which was to share scientific findings with researchers and exchange ideas to improve human knowledge on the subject. So it is a serious business trip.


I am glad that not only I attended this congress as a presenter, but also as a committee. Biological Sciences Graduate Congress is an annual congress organized by NUS, UM and CU (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok). CU is one of the best universities of Thailand and is the host for this year. I was lucky enough to have this chance to travel all the way to Bangkok to present some of my work. It's one of my favourite cities so you can imagine how I smiled ear to ear when I knew I was going there. It's BANGKOK THE SHOPPING HEAVEN baby!

Hold on for the shopping part and focus on the congress. Focus.

This is one interesting wall- a unique periodic table. Each element wooden block is turnable. On the back of each element it explains the application or source of the elements. How cool.

Basically on the two day congress, we had to present our work, either orally or in poster form. Mine was in poster form. All I did was to stand next to my poster which contained all my research findings, explain and answer all questions raised by the viewers.

Honestly speaking, I think I answered more than 10 people with more than 50 questions. That might not sound a big deal, but each question is equally challenging and new, something I might already knew but hadn't got the chance to explain deeply or in simple terms, or something I had never thought brefore. Especially when my evaluator came to judge, he asked me continuously for nearly half an hour. I like asking questions and why in many things. He and all other viewers rationalized every reason of being curious and critical thinking.

I learnt a lot, every single viewer and question just open my mind and got me out of the bottleneck. 


And here's my good old friend Yen Fong. She's been there since I started learning about science, biochemistry and research. From girls ignorant of science to future scientists, I'm glad that we have come this far!

Apparently they wanted to make everything so scientific hence I was a vegetar-ION.

Thumbs up for CU's wonderful arrangement and planning in everything from accommodation, food, banquet, registration, program flow etc etc. Organizing BSGC is definitely a huge job. It takes extreme hard work, great financial support, perseverance, vision and cooperation from so many parties. I am very impressed by their committees. Seriously two thumbs up!

We stayed at Bangkok Center Hotel which is very near to China Town. The city view from our room and the room itself are just... so much better than any budget hotel.

Bangkok thailand

The day ended with a banquet dinner where all the scientists gathered under one roof to enjoy great food and performances.

No more graphs, bar charts, definitions, pathways and arrows.

I got the most pleasant surprise. I actually won the SILVER MEDALIST for my theme. Really outta of expectation because judging from the way my evaluator questioned me I thought I performed badly, really. But after that he congratulated me and praised my work.

If you have ever done research or final year project, I guess you can feel how disappointing and frustrating sometimes things can be. Getting an award definitely boosts confidence and is the best motivation ever. I'll work harder. =D

That's us the UM committees with the advisors and judges. And (bottom) all participants from UM.

Tadaa the next BSGC will be held in UM. Looking forward to it.  =)))

And I must say, scientists aren't all nerds and bookworms. Apart from doing research alone, they must be capable of so many other things. They learn, discover and persevere. Brain is the new sexy. 

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