Bangkok Photo Diary

December 30, 2012

It's my second time to the city. It did not disappoint me. Things hadn't really changed much since three years ago. 

Well maybe my stay was too brief to make such a shallow conclusion but it still gave me the special feeling of vacation and travelling. People live at their own pace and culture. The city is not washed away by the uber fast development yet, so maybe that's why I'm still very indulged in its uniqueness and originality. 

I went to Seoul earlier this year. The city is modern, new and well-planned, but I can't help thinking it's a little overly man-made, especially the impression they are trying to give to tourists: concrete jungles, transport systems, palaces with this machine and that technology, traditional houses that were obviously rebuilt and modern.... I do love Seoul of course and Incheon and Busan were fantastic. 

In Bangkok I could still see how people 'live-a-life'. Not all of them are in the rat race or want to be like somebody else.

Those are purely my own opinion. I prefer cultural expedition.

Baba and I were shopping early in the morning in Pratunam Market. It was so early that the shops were not open yet so we sat down and had coffee.

Thailand just celebrated the King's 85th birthday. There were photos of the royal families, flowers and symbols of respect everywhere. And by everywhere I mean in the hotels, in front of shops, road signs, pedestrian bridges... everywhere. 

I highly recommend Bangkok City Hotel. It is new, near to Siam station (walking distance to Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam Market, Central World, Paragon etc.), close to train stations, and CHEAP. RM100 per night for 2 person. It's like a three star hotel with swimming pool, free WIFI and breakfast. I stayed in youth hostel last time so I thought of spending a little more in a more comfy hotel. 

We insisted on eating at local food stalls every day but it's in fact quite difficult. We couldn't understand what they are selling. But it's good in a way we had surprise every time. Usually it's noodle.

The Giant Swing

Bangkok Democracy Monument

Bangkok Centre Hotel, where we stayed during the conference.

In Wat Pho

Boat trip at Chao Phraya River

China Town at night

By the way, be careful with the tuk-tuk drivers. They might cheat you that some places are closed and attempt to bring you somewhere else. We were cheated.

There goes my week in Bangkok. I was in the express train to Suwarnabhumi Airport.

Thank you Bangkok for the beautiful memories. =)

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