The Golden Buddha

December 20, 2012
wat traimit bangkok

Traimit Witthayaram Temple, Bangkok, also known as Golden Buddha Temple. A Buddha statue in gold colour is not something new but this statue is made of pure gold, weighing approximately 5.5 tons and is the biggest solid gold statue made of pure gold IN the world. 

No one knows where and when it was made, but roughly about 700 years ago. Originally the statue was covered with plaster and tar etc to conceal it from enemies. In 1955, in an accident when moving the statue up to a temple, the plaster cracked and then the people realized he was made of gold. Such a beautiful work of art! 

The photo on the bottom left showed how the people molded the Buddha's head and the sculpture on the right showing various layers used to cover the gold layer (most left).

wat traimit bangkok wat traimit bangkokwat traimit bangkok wat traimit bangkok
wat traimit bangkok
wat traimit bangkok
wat traimit bangkok

This is another temple neighbouring the magnificent Wat Traimit. It's not as luxurious and grandeur but this is a domestic temple, where some locals were praying and meditating in the hall. A few monks were talking to the devotees and praying too. I have no idea what their purposes were to visit a temple, or what they want from the Buddha. Perhaps they were hoping for money, happiness, business, peace or health. Regardless what they want, if religion is food for the soul, I guess the Thais are mentally pretty contented as they have something to depend on. Their devotion and belief to religion are impressive.:):) 

Wat Traimit/ Trimitr

Thanon Mittaphap Thai-China, Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
(Near China Town)
Wat Traimit is open daily, but museum is closed on Monday
9 am to 5 pm
Entrance fee is 40 Baht for the Golden Buddha, additional 100 Baht for museum

wat traimit bangkok

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