One Saturday

A quiet little cafe, where I can sniff in all the rich essence and flavour of coffee and little biscuits, read some books and have some peace. Life's good. 

Moon Tree House  月树
手作杂货 • 主题书籍 • 咖啡简餐 handmade zakkas • feminism books • food & coffee

Moon Tree is in the same block as Prajna Space, 般若人文空间


The town is painted red as Chinese New Year is coming and I am very excited! When I was younger it didn't seem to be so important but now yes, I start to enjoy more about the food, festivity and atmosphere! Petaling Street is one of the best places to feel the heat. All shops are decorated with red lanterns and flowers, and playing all the cheerful CNY songs. And there are many shops selling CNY decors as well. =)

My dad used to say how that Hotel Mandarin Pacific was one of the most popular hotel years ago. MRT construction is changing the whole place and eating up the old Petaling Street as well as the whole area around it. There used to be shopping complexes like UO but I just realized that they are all demolished. 

So please, visit the place before it disappears and have a tea at Moontree or Purple Cane upstairs.

Happy Weekend!

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