January 23, 2013
Finally after months and months of experimenting, I am able to come out with a layout that I love. It's uneasy to design a web layout, with alien HTML and CSS codes and all, not to mention it has to suit your personal taste and liking. Luckily I'm using blogger where there's a sea of design tutorials out there.

It begins with choosing my favourite colour scheme, which I decided to be pastel and grey, then look for inspiration for layout that resembles the one I envision. Guess I have seen hundreds of them and am constantly amazed by fellow bloggers' creativity, taste and unique presentation.

I lost count on the number of layouts I have changed, sometimes the fonts are this and then it changed to that. I don't mind changes, if it's for the better. And I'll continue to change it. Blogging is fun, you got to learn writing, photography, design, colours, art, inspiration and everything together.

I would be delighted if you tell me how you feel about this layout, or help you to design a layout. I'll be really glad.

Welcome to my utopia. Teehee.

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