February 06, 2013
Oh yeah I got myself a domain and a change.

It started merely by 'something I've been thinking for a while but not really will do it'. It had been churning in my mind for some time until a few days ago I talked to my brother about the rationality of me getting a domain. You know, a website domain, for my little personal random blog. It's not rational. My brother is an 'analytical' person who weighs in everything before he speaks or makes any decision. 

When I asked him, he said, "Why not?" Why not? Suddenly I felt a rush of adrenaline encouraging me to do this. In fact he didn't even know I have a blog but whatever never mind.

Being isn't bad but it feels like staying under other people's roof and having a domain is like having my own house. Perhaps this is not a good metaphor but there are also other benefits of registering a domain. 

So what will the new start bring? Since it reflects my life, and the life of people around me, I wish here will continue to be somewhere beautiful, simple, natural and positive. =)

It's been quite a journey, and it'll be a new and exciting one. May all be well and happy.



The following part will be a little technical. I wish to share with anyone who wishes to purchase a domain via Blogger.

It took me ten minutes to decide on the name of my new domain, Evetopia, apparently Eve + Utopia. And a whole night to settle payment and everything. It costs USD10 a year. 

After payment everything didn't go out smoothly. The new address was appearing as an unknown URL by Google showing The 404 Not Found error, often called Error 404 or an HTTP 404 error, means that the webpage you were trying to view was not found. This happened for two days and 
many other bloggers face the same situation as well when they were changing .blogspot to custom domain.

Theoretically after you make a payment, the old blogspot will automatically be in a transition state where the blog cannot be viewed temporarily, for 1 to 7 days for the whole data to shift to new domain. AUTOMATICALLY. Then after that transition period, voila you got everything on the new domain aka the new site.

Mine was not the case. I paid, and nothing happened. So I searched high and low for tutorials, solutions and blogger help. I thought that $10 was flying away.

The thing is it didn't happen automatically, you have to go 

Setting>Publishing>Blog address>Advanced Settings>Type your registered domain>Verify>Log in to DNS hosting site and key in host and address for CNAME. 

Sound complicated but don't worry, The publishing section will guide you through and provide you the password to access your domain management site. Mine is Enom.

Now everything is working fine so far, and nothing has really changed from before when I was having Pictures, entries, designs all remain, maybe just a couple of widget need to be adjusted.

What I want to say is, it is not an automatic transition process, but Blogger will guide you through. 

This is a very useful site when it comes to Blogger and purchasing domain from Google.

Good luck.

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